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Zinnia Seed, Blush & Buff

Zinnia Seed, Blush & Buff

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After a few years of harvesting seed we have our own special mix.  We began by investing in the Dawn Creek zinnia breeding project and planting those seeds near Floret's Little Girl Mix; last year we removed Little Girl from our lineup and culled any plant with small flower heads, gearing our perfect mix towards a Benary sized bloom.   So now we have a mix of blush & buff, mostly double zinnia mix.  Many of which are large flower heads.  We are still culling the occassional plants that don't meet those criteria but here you see a an example of what's coming from those seeds.  Yours will be your very own unique plants to keep or cull various attributes as you see fit.  

Regular packet contains a full 1/4 tsp -roughly 25 seeds.  1tsp packet roughly 100 seeds.

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