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We are Tom & Reagan Mountain.  The Faraway Gardens is a family owned and operated business created to combine our greatest passions into one endeavor as a legacy and heirloom for our six children.  In 2007, after 11 years of marriage with just 4 of our kids, we purchased 5.5 untouched, hilly, wooded acres on a lake out in the country on which to build our dream home.  We envisioned children climbing trees, chickens free ranging, beehives buzzing, an orchard billowing and vegetable gardens feeding us.   

At the time we could only afford to finish out 2/3 of the house with zero landscaping.  Not even grass.  We began building in 2009, moved in July of 2010 and have been making baby steps toward "finishing" ever since.  We've since completed the house and added a tree house, dock, orchard & chicken coops, two terraced hills, planted over 150 roses, and had two more babies!  The list still goes on. We now know that we'll never truly finish.  We always come up with something new.  

Over the years we began collecting unique garden roses, becoming single mindedly focused on the idea of The Faraway looking like a Thomas Kinkade painting.  Never content that there are enough flowers, we continue to seek out beauty to grow. 

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